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Services Provided

All services provided by Kegesa are done so with quality and care. With years working in the industry, our team of professionals come together to provide our clients with the products they need. Check out some of our specific services below and get in touch for your inquiry.

Prefab technology

Of the Highest Quality

The buildings we build are prefabricated in our factory and assembled on site from modules or panel elements. High level of prefabrication allow us to reduce the building time on site and to ensure high quality of the buildings. Most of the building work is made in factory where  building structure is manufactured under constant quality control and is protected from unfavorable weather conditions. Using this system and, the buildings up to five floors high can be built. The structure of the building elements can be chosen from various certified wall, slab and roof types, with fire resistance up to REI 90, energy efficiency up to passive house level and sound isolation according the regulations and clients demands.

Modular facade, timber framed facade


Planning first

Prefab building system require specific building design for optimal production, transportation and assembling process. Starting from the early design stage, we can help our clients to find efficient design solutions, based on long-term experience in prefab buildings industry. Our design department prepare production drawings for the building structures and engineering systems inside the building, according to the architectural solutions, fire, sound and energy efficiency regulations. When designing all parts of the buildings we always follow local building codes and regulations.

Architecture Model Sketching


Fast quality for cost efficient price 

The building elements are made from timber frame or cross laminated timber plates (CLT), insulated with mineral wool insulation and covered with wood based or plasterboard plates. Producing spatial prefabricated  modules, up to 90% of the building structure and finishes can be made in the factory, including:

  • windows and doors installed;

  • final internal finishing, including parquetry, tiles, painted walls and ceilings;

  • finished bathrooms with sanitary appliances and fittings installed;

  • kitchen furniture with integrated appliances and other fixed furniture;

  • free standing furniture, beds, wardrobes ect. (if required);

  • engineering systems inside modules, including floor heating and radiators, ventilation units and ducts, sprinkler system, electrical sockets and light fixtures;

  • part of the exterior finishing, depending of facade type and material;

All production procedures are documented by internal quality control system. Final quality check of each module is made before leaving the factory.  

Modular construction, timber framed elements, timber frame


Seaport benifits

The modules are covered with protection foil for the transport from the factory to the building site. The size of the modules varies depending from the building layout and transport limitations:  
width – optimal up to 4,2m, maximum up to 5,4m;
lenght - optimal up to 13,5m, maximum up to 14m;
height - optimal up to 3,5m, maximum up to 4,2m;
weight - from 5t to 20t;
Most of our modules we are loading to the cargo boats in Klaipėda harbor for shipment to the harbor closest to the building site and then delivering by the trucks.

Modular houses, timber framed houses, modules shipping


Team of professionals 

The modules are mounted by mobile cranes directly from the truck to the foundation prepared by the customer. Assembling time of one module is 20-60 min, depending from the modules geometry and building site conditions. After the modules are placed, internal connection joints are made, facade and roof covering finished, the engineering systems connected between the modules and to the external connections. Balconies, terraces, external access galleries are assembled from panel elements. Average construction time on site for multistory apartment house is 3 months, from start of modules assembling on foundation to handover to the client.

Assembling modules, timber framed houses


Taken care off

According to the agreement with the customer, the general inspection of the building is made one year after the handover and needed maintenance made by the service team.

Modular houses, timber framed elements
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